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The most complete software solution on the web for
logistics, purchases, stock and inventory, safety and security in your school.

Why start working with Orderflow today

Carefree follow up

  • Central follow up of purchases, deliveries, retrievals, borrowings, projects and billing.
  • Stock and inventory are always up to date.
  • Check safety of your purchases and avoid potentially dangerous situations.
  • Borrowed materials can be listed with a click of a button.
  • Simplified financial management without complex booking operations like transfers and invoice splits.
  • All your information and documents are available online

Quick and personalised

  • Start right away.
  • Works the way you work, Orderflow adapts 100% to your needs.
  • Configure and personalise Orderflow without IT skills.
  • Integrate with your smartphone, barcode scanners and ticket printers.


Logistics Stock Inventory Borrowings Safety
and security
de complete goederenstroom

Mobile App

Some tasks are better performed on site, such as checking a deliver or looking at a product sheet for example. With the new mobile app as an addition to Orderflow, you no longer have to sit behind your computer to request information. Have you pasted barcodes on your devices? Then you can consult the data of this device on the spot with the app. Our app can scan barcodes directly.
mobile app
This app has been build in cooperation with Kris Cardinaels of Krisc-informatica.

More than 50 schools are using Orderflow on a daily basis

Stop with the time consuming and error prone of combining purchase orders and splitting them to different suppliers. We ordering so much faster and much more correct.

[Annuntiata Veurne]

You can easily find each order very quickly for follow up.

[Don Bosco Helchteren]

The module safety and security is a good aid for a correct purchase process.

[Don Bosco Halle]

Strengths for schools

Fits every school type ranging from basic schools to higher education

  • Big and small technical schools with large product sets and elaborate ordering systems.
  • Schools that prepare students to work for restaurants, hotels, big kitchens, art, decoration, fashion, etc
  • Higher education schools that need to focus equipment management and borrowings.

Guaranteed speedup

  • Obtain a transparent and simplified order process in each department. Everyone works in the same way and all data can be easily consulted.
  • A correct and balanced order process obeying the laws of good governance.
  • Works well at the level on the school, campus, administrative unit and organising institutions.

Build for, with and in collaboration with schools

Orderflow was build upon request of schools, contructed together with schools and is adapted towards schools. It seamlessly adapts to the existing process and formal requirements.